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BLW Baby Steps

In the weeks leading up to Keira’s first taste of food, we sat her in her high chair at meal times and gave her a spoon to play with. It wasn’t long before she started picking the spoon up and … Continue reading

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A tale of two potatoes

I can no longer remember the year, but it was as far back as junior high school. Keira’s grampy and I were having dinner without her nanny. This didn’t happen very often, but for some reason that night, we two … Continue reading

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Keira’s First Feast

It was Keira’s 6 month ‘birthday’ last Saturday, so we decided to celebrate by giving her her first taste of real food: steamed carrots (Jeff and I also celebrated by feasting on Molly Wizenberg’s chocolate cupcakes with bittersweet glaze, after … Continue reading

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Learning to love veg

The first weeks of Keira’s introduction to food won’t involve much more than cooked veggies, which could make for some boring “recipes” on my part. Cut carrots, steam. Bake sweet potato, cut in half. Instead, I’m going to take this … Continue reading

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