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I’m always a little surprised when people abroad identify me as Canadian in mid conversation. It happens with taxi drivers, store clerks, service reps, and colleagues. It happens in person, and over the phone.

“Is my accent really that strong?” I always ask.
“Well, you pronounced out as oat, instead of owt.”

Aha. I often forget that we Canadians go oatside instead of owtside, and walk aboat instead of walking abowt. So why is it that we Canadians are so focused on our “oats”? Perhaps because we’re proud of being one of the leading oat producing countries in the world, so we secretly slip it into conversation as a subtle reminder to those less productive in the oat department…

While Keira can’t quite say the word yet, she certainly enjoys her oats as a meal. She has graduated from baby oatmeal in the mornings and is now regularly enjoying full-fledged, grown-up oatmeal. Her first taste of this fine breakfast cereal was in the form of Jillian’s Porridge you can cut with a knife.

When it came out of the oven it looked so pretty that I was hesitant to actually cut it with a knife, but when Keira gets hungry and starts wiggling her little arms around in demand of food, I know there is no time to hesitate. I cut her a wedge and let her explore it. She picked it up and examined it, sampled it, and then got to work on eating it. When she was full, she also had lots of fun squishing it between her fingers and grinding it into the highchair tray.

Keira takes a bite of her oatmeal wedge

For the adults, the porridge slices were great with a little jam spread on them, and I suspect they would be tasty with a little bit of nut butter too!

When I made the porridge I didn’t have any dried fruit in the house that didn’t have added sugar, so I added some banana chunks instead. This worked ok, but next time I think I’ll try to use something that will add a little more flavour.

From this fine start, Keira has gone on to enjoy a good old-fashioned bowl of oatmeal on many a morning. I mix in a little bit of her normal milk, and sometimes mash in some banana, stewed apple, or other soft fruit. Pre-load a spoon with some of this delicious concoction, and she’s happy as a bug in a rug.

I think she enjoyed it...

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