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Family Food

When I first started to think about feeding Keira (feeding her something other than milk, that is), I had this lovely picture in my mind of what mealtimes would look like. I imagined Jeff, Keira and I hanging out in … Continue reading

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Oat and About

I’m always a little surprised when people abroad identify me as Canadian in mid conversation. It happens with taxi drivers, store clerks, service reps, and colleagues. It happens in person, and over the phone. “Is my accent really that strong?” … Continue reading

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The Iron Baby

Strong willed she is, especially when it comes to resisting a nose wipe, preventing a toy from being pried from her grip, or chasing after the tiniest piece of dirt on the floor. But Keira is an Iron Baby in … Continue reading

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Food to sink your (milk) teeth into

It’s surprising how much of our early life is spent on teeth: growing them, brushing them, losing them, growing new ones, and so on. I have a distinct memory of my older brother, also named Jeff, convincing me to tie … Continue reading

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BLW Baby Steps

In the weeks leading up to Keira’s first taste of food, we sat her in her high chair at meal times and gave her a spoon to play with. It wasn’t long before she started picking the spoon up and … Continue reading

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Keira’s First Feast

It was Keira’s 6 month ‘birthday’ last Saturday, so we decided to celebrate by giving her her first taste of real food: steamed carrots (Jeff and I also celebrated by feasting on Molly Wizenberg’s chocolate cupcakes with bittersweet glaze, after … Continue reading

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Introducing Kim

As my beautiful daughter approaches her 6-month birthday, the topic of what to feed her and how to feed her has been increasingly on my mind.  The World Health Organisation recommends starting solid foods at around 6 months, so I’ve … Continue reading

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